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Joyano Foam Pogo Stick Bungee Jumper for Kids/Adults Indoor/Outdoor Toys, Foam Bouncing Toy for Kids Age 3 and up, Squeaky Sounds Gift for Boys and Girls Supports up to 250lbs

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  • YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT! With Joyano’s Foam Pogo Stick Bungee Jumper, they’ll be hopping around for hours having so much fun! Every jump makes a fun squeaky sound as well, which kids will love. It’s absolutely perfect for every kid who wants to enjoy loads of hopping fun!
  • BENEFICIAL AND SO FUN! Just playing around on these fun foam pogo sticks is such a great activity that helps train kids’ balance, gross motor skills, strength, and more, all while having so much at the same time! This will help encourage a more healthy and active lifestyle, which is great for growing kids!
  • COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT! The bottom of the foam pogo stick is soft enough to provide lots of comfort for children’s feet, but enough to stand firm against pressure! It can also be easily folded up and put away when not in use!
  • SO SAFE AND EASY TO USE! Are you worried about your kids falling or getting hurt? Don’t worry! This durable foam pogo stick prevents high jumps and has super comfortable handles and a sturdy, soft base that always ensures safe play!
  • USE ANYWHERE U WANT! Your kids can safely use our pogo sticks indoors and outdoors, and it won’t scuff or scratch any surface because of the foam base! You won’t have to worry about toys making marks on your floors anymore!

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